King & I; Ann LeonOwens & king Mongot of Siam

Siam Anne Leon-Owens & King Mongot of Chakri Dynesty Roma IV

Mongkut – grandfather Killed good king Taxon (apparently he was body buried in the palace ground).  Mongkut father Buddha Loetla Nabhalai/Roma ll; Current king of Thailand is Mongkut grand son; Next king was Chulalongkoan, Mongkut son, who Anna taught & friend of Anne son Louis; current king  is Mongkut grandson & Chulalongkoan son

Mongkut died 1868 @ 64 years old from malaria (from mosquitoes bite, while watching a celestial passing (he predicted) with his son – son recovered but Mongkut died.  Anne was 34 or 37 years old when king Mongkut died & not in Siam but awaiting return arrangements. 

Anne opened her mouth at TupTim’s beating causing troubles, TupTim apparently was sleeping with him in the monastery (according to letters found/saved)

Siam flag – Red (courage) & white (compassion) white elephant (rear  & honored)

Islands near Bankok – Lemcowie & Penang & Kwalimpo

King Mongkut had sex every day @ 11.30 am with a virgin, if she provided him with a boy child, he would marry her

Elephant (white elephants are rear so honored, so good luck) King Mongkut did offer America elephants for war & carrying things, but not accepted as unsuitable environment, but from this, Mongkut/Siam did make friends.  The elephant trainers/riders were Manutes Trainers

Malaya Muslim – Spirit leader Boma; Anna Christian: Siam/Thailand Buddha – concerns in filming their story, not allowed in Siam/Thailand, as made their famous leader look bafoon like, when he did a lot for them & well respected; Imagine them showing Churchill or Washington  as baboon.

Royals had many children, so murder/illness, they still have someone to carry the thrown on.

British & French wore dark colours that would not show dirt, while Siam wore bright colours, she wore light colour at dance party.

Buddha teaching, it is the road there, not destination that counts: Sacrifice yourself/life for truth;  persecute no person; LOVE; TALK to solution;

~~~~~~~~~~~ MONGKUT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MONGKUT born 18 october 1804 from father Buddha Loetla Nabhalai/Roma ll (Mongkut became king when he was 5)  Mother Queen Sri Suriy Endra – Mongkut had 72 brothers/sisters from 38 wives. D 1868 @ 64 years old

Mongkut was really well educated, intelligent was born to be crowned prince, called Chao Fah Mongkut, which means crown prince Mongkut or The high prince of crown.   Till age 9 mongkut lived in a palace  near Chao Phraya River. Mongkut study Buddhism, history, literature, science, horse riding, elephant riding, weaponry.  At 12 Mongkut was in charge of the army. Mongkut spoke French, Latin, Siamese, Pali, Sanskrut & English (English he was well-known making words up that you understand the meaning of, but not true English – Mongkut used to say that even the English could not speak it as well as he, so did not always understand him). Mongkut learned English from American missionary friends & Latin from the Roman Catholic Bishop in exchange for Mongkut teaching him Pal.

Mongkut’s father died when Mongkut was 20, Mongkut left his wife & 2 children in fear of his life, as his 1/2 brother Jetta Ches Dabadin (Chowfa) – 17 years older with more experience in government & power, was elected/chosen by government to take over the thrown.    Mongkut joined the Buddhist monks for 27 years (47 when he returned to palace) Travelled Siam barefoot as “Hand to mouth Buddhist monk”. Learning about ordinary Siam & studied from these peoples paintings, printing & astrology, started the strict Thammayut Manastic Buddhist set [still active today] 

1851 Jetta died & Mongkut elected to become king Phrachomklao/Roma IV

Coronation 1851 a age 47 & had foreigners attend [first time a king invited English to his coronation]  & allowed people to see his face (first time king allowed this].  Mongkut elected his brother Chutamani as Dept King Piniao Mklao & in charge of national defense, but Mongkut had full power over all 5 1/2 million subjects.

1855 Mongkut signed treaties with West – opening up low foreign commerce. Slaves at this time walked on all 4 infront of owners/royalty.  As King, Mongkut had an open mind, was modern visionary king, but liked traditions, so changed little fast “You can’t plough fresh Siam fields over night – everything has it’s own time”.  Mongkut was well educated & intelligent, but own upbringing & traditions – build roads & canals, 1st to introduce currency, brought printing press set to Siam & encourage education & English, made friends with the west, but not west puppet, allowed foreigners in Siam, even foreign advisers in government &  European officers, improved army & organized police force.  Freedom of religion & encouraged Christian missions to educate & medical work. Modernized policies & brought an English woman in to teach his children (ANNE) Mongkut royal family were disappointed being taught English by English church missionaries as missionaries were more interested in teaching Christianity then English in this Buddha country so Mongkut asked the Siam’s embassy in Singapore/Bombay India to find him an English teacher to come to Bangkok Siam to teach his royal family, also he could observe & learn about English people first hand.

Mongkut wrote to the USA president (Lincoln) offering elephants as gift to help in their war – so made friends w USA, but no elephants gift accepted as climate  not endusive to elephants.  Siam (Thailand)  is the rich valley between Burma & Cambodia  (Vietnam & Loas) China  so violent dangerous time w many wars or pilfering, as these countries wanted Siam’s wealth & Siamese people as slaves, invaded & stole them.

Mongkut had 82 children w 39 wives & over 48 concubines, 9000 in harem city.  [11.30 am Mongkut had sex w a young virgini – sometimes a wife – if they delivered a male child he married them – Mongkut had a child born – 82 in about  18 years. (Mongkut was trying to catch up to the Chines Emperor, who started his family earlier). Mongkut royal family were disappointed being taught English by English church missionaries as missionaries were more interested in teaching  religion then English

~~~~~~ ANNA LEON OWENS & SON LOUIS came to Siam ~~~~~~

ANNA LEONOWENS & SON LOUIS, with their Indian helper couple, came to Siam (apparently Anne had 4 or 5 children, only 2 lived), Anna daughter was sent to Anne father’s family’s school in England as Siam was not good for girls,  A violent dangerous times. Prince Chulalongkoan [King Mongkuts son) & Louis (Anne’s son) were 9 years old & became good friends.  They arrived 1862 (stayed 6 years) Anne aged 27 or 28 while Mongkut 58 – 31 years older than Anna (Mongkut 48/49 years older then his oldest son/heir – prince Chulangkoon – father of current king of Thailand/Siam)

Anne brave pioneering open spirited, but not open minded adventures.  First Anna disliked king Mongkut, but stayed as financially hurting & fell in love with the children & accepted by royal children, who she grew to love, so became part of the royal family, Mongkut watched her closely, as concern/love/acceptance for his children grew to acceptance of her, also he wanted to learn English ways.

When Anne was dealing w the slave issue, she gave the children – mainly heir/ prince Chulalongkoan the book to read from her good friend USA lady author Harriet Beeche Stowe “Uncle Toms Cabin” against the pains of slavery, I believe Mongkut took offense at this – at this time slaves could purchase their freedom – but how?

Anne fought for her own home for her own home to live in/raise her son in so not live in the palace, as per acceptance agreement, eventually a home was provided.  Anna was kept a long wait to meet king & start working (? manipulation)

People Not allowed to touch royals, or they touch outsiders like English, like Anne. 

Anne & Mongkut were different in many ways (king/teacher: European/Oriental; Financial wealthy, while she worked for him; Christian w one dead husband & 2 alive children, Mongkut Buddhist w many woman & children; Age; culture; different points of view, so preconceived notions about each other, she the East while he the West: she wanted to bring change & interfered “claimed he was like talking to a brick wall”, while he wanted to learn from her, due to growing political unrest – England & French taking over most of the world, so Anne & Mongkut watched each other very carefully, to learn. Anna felt little change made with him.

 Two people surviving in same environment. Mongkut  & Anne touched each others lives in a short time of space. Mongkut wanted change but traditions meant a lot, but he brought a lot of change.  NO passionate epic/romance drama, but they discovered the other side was OK. A woman who challenged the heart of a king & she inspired the destiny of a nation “brought a light to Siam”                                                                                I was not there, so don’t know personally, only research, but it appears Ann had a big effect on Mongkut son, prince Chulalongkoan, who change a lot to what she wanted, but his son, current king of Thailand has returned things back to how they were.

Anna was not accepted/invited by the British in Bangkok or Siam.  British Foreigner circler of friends, felt she was not upper class & lied (she was the only one in palace) they claimed they saw through her stories of her past or what was going on in the palace – but she was accepted by American Protestant missionaries.

Anne wrote monthly letters published in English News paper, “Atlantic monthly conical”. Her information leaned to benefit her, maybe not 100% true, according to some, Anne wrote how Mongkut put wives out of favor in underground dungeons – but Siam can not have underground dungeons w their very wet soil. Others wrote their experiences in Siam at the same time frame, but not claiming what Anna did, but Anna was in the palace & teaching the royal children & friends with king Mongkut, so saw first hand & inside, unlike others.

I was not there to say what is true, nor where you, where there is smoke there often is fire, but is it a small controlled fire or enormous out of control fire or electric, but one thing is known, Anne was there! 

Anniversary party  people were allowed to stand erect in front of the king for first & only time. King danced with Anna much to annoyance of many, especially his concubines/ wives, as they were all hoping he would favor them w the dance, also English shocked as Anna, a new widow dancing an intimate action (Waltz) for married couples, but this dance showed acceptance of English & Anna & non favoritism for a wife/concubine.    Royal children sang Siam favorite marching forces song “Daisy Daisy”.


Mongkut favorite daughter Fr Ying died of cholera & Anna invited to be part of it, as this child was very attached to Anna.

No proof of Tuptim story, although letters found ending their involvement in monastery (sleeping together?)  His name was Balat

Anna intended leaving Siam, but changed her mind just in time for some unknown/ unraveled reason.

Swim in nude: In Siam you can swim in the nude (done to clean self) while in Malaya this would warent a jail sentence

King Mongkut did NOT die while Anna was in Siam; Anna left leaving her son Louie behind & he started a business that is still in Siam  bering his name.  Mongkut was arranging for Anna to return to Siam when king Mongkut & son Prince Chulalongkoan became ill (? malaria in mosquito infested Siam – even though they wore mosquito coats) after watching an eclipse Mongkut (Mongkut was only one to predict) had predicted. Mongkut died in 1868 (a year after Anna left & Mongkut was arranging her return) at age 64, his 15 year old son recovered, but their prime minister ruled for prince Chulongkorn till age 20.  Anne wrote empathy note to prince on his fathers death, but she was not asked to return (prime minister was in charge & felt Anne was opposed to him) 

King Mongkut left the ring in his will for Anna & asked Prince Chulongkorn to give to Anna, on his death bed (? the ring king Mongkut gave Anna, after the Anniversary party, but she refused to accept). King Chulongkorn came to visit Anna in England w the ring his father had asked him to give Anna, recently found in the draw of an old desk. King Chulongkorn honored Anna as his teacher, credited her w much.

King Chulongkorn/Roma V ruled 42 years – 1868 – 1910  had only 1 wife, kept Siam free & made changes to abolish slaves, freedom of religion, improved legal system, prostin not to be done in front of kings (Obedience to religion by shaving of their heads & laying in the nude in suggestive prone positions to show reverence to the body submissive for religious observance – giving defilement purity – mediation – merit karma – giving themselves to the religion). King Chulongkorn son, (when king), brought it back.

Current king Bhumibol – Rama IX of Thailand – June 9 1946 to date – longest ruling king – is the great grandson of Mongkut – born in USA & educated in Switzerland – popular ruler & one of the wealthiest in the world – many honors – did not suppress sept o6 coup so overthrew the prime minister – however he suppresses all criticisms of monarchy.

Shows of  Anna/King.  After Musical/TV show/cartoon/others shows of “King & I”, all shows banned as untrue & making their king look like a bafoon, in Siam (some university kids got them through to study) Current king Bhumibol – Rama IX of Thailand, was unable to have Judy Foster/Chow Yun Fat version (based on Anna writings) produced in Siam, (produced in ? Malaya) even though Siam current King Bhumibol – Rama IX of Thailand, supervised it.   Movie about Buddha king & Christian girl in Muslim country caused many problems, like many language problems & mishaps like flashing lightening killings, stage sites not ready (made while filming & bell rang to stop building noice as filming) all sites blessed before shooting

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anna before Siam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anna Harriett Evens claimed she was born in Wales Nov 1834 from distinguished poor family – father Thomas Edwards – cabinet maker enlisted in Bombay infantry India 1825 & took his wife to Bombay, became a Captain;  mother ancient Welsh family.      According to an English Dr W.S. Bristowe – research specialist in spider venom in Siam in 1970 – researching spider venom & Louie LeonOwens of Siam business – His research of Louie LeonOwens business, brought him to research Anna Leonowens. His finding Anna born in India in 1831 & her grand parents were Indian. Anna father born in Middlesex & Anna’s mother Mary Anne Glassoc – daughter of gunner in Bangle Artillery who married a local Eurasian.   Anna’s parents moved to India when Anna was 6, but another claimed the father died before Anna was born, father died in battle in NW front.  Anna’s mother remarried Irish Corporal Engineer Patrick Donohoe – awarded Victoria cross 1857 for bravery in combat in India – then demoted to private on 1845. British forces were not admired in India, due to their behavior.

Anne & her older sister Eliza schooled in England [well educated] at her fathers relatives school & returned to India age 14/15 – mother had new husband in army who the children intensely  disliked – English were not respectable due to their unacceptable behavior.  Stepfather arranged their marriages, so he could receive a good diary, to people 2 or 3 times older then them.

Anna’s older sister Eliza forced to marry British Edward Pratt of India Navy – their youngest son Edward John Pratt Jr in 1887 w wife Eliza Sarah Millard had a son William Henry Pratt became actor Boris Karoff – Frankenstein fame – so Anna’s grand nephew was Boris Karloff/Frankenstein.

Anna took off w reverend Percy Badger (& ? wife), missionaries & oriental scholar for 2 year long travelled East/Oriental countries.

Anna married in India at 18, to 22 year old Thomas Leon Owens in 1849 – a civilian clerk- bar tender/hotel manager (many jobs, as he could not keep them)was, at one time, in army reserves – they travelled a lot in Asia & had 3 or 4 children (Birth certificates not found ? born at sea)  – 2 died.  Daughter Avis & son Louie apparently born while 3 years in England.   Thomas Leon Owens died May 1859 at age 33 – Anna claimed of sunburn in a tiger hunt, but truth believed of Apoplexy while in Penang Malaya, while inn keeper – the man who signed the death certificate wrote his name down as Leonowens, so that became her new name & she could alter her history.

Anne moved to Singapore Anne had never worked or intended to work outside the home, but now forced to work, changed her name to Leonowens & changed her past history & started  school in India for English army children, the school did very well, but not financially & Anne struggled w school, finances & caring for her 2 children.  Siamese consul in Singapore were looking for an English teachers to succeed Dan Beach Bradley, Royal Siamese children needed to learn English. Anne was offered work in Siam.  Anna had saved enough money to send her daughter Avis back to England to her family school, as safer in England then a girl in Siam, as dangerous times, especially for girls.  Chulongkorn became crowned prince while Mongkut eldest daughter a tonsure  (head shaved & into Buddha work). Avis later married Thomas Fyshe – a Canadian banker & they came to Canada.

Anne & Louis moved to Bangkok in 1862 & Anne left 6 years later in 1867  – a year before Mongkut died, arrangements were in process for her to return. 

~~~~~~~ After Anna left Siam ~~~~~~~~

Louie stayed in Siam & became officer Royal Cavalry – married Caroline Knox – daughter of Sir Thomas George Knox – the British consul general in Bangkok 1824 – 1887 & Siamese wife Prang Samkok.  Louie died 1888  – Louie founded a trade company bearing his name & still in Thailand.

Arraignments for Anna to return to Siam by king Mongkat, when he died, arrangements fell apart, Anna visited Russia, Europe countries, England where she met king Chulalonkom in London 1897 & he gave her the ring, as requested by his father on his death bed & in his will, found in old desk draw 30 years after Anna left Siam,  Anna also visited USA & met her author friend Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom’s cabin) who encouraged Anna to write her autobiography, she wrote 2 books “the English governess of Siam” in 1890 & “The romance of the harem” in 1892, which some suggest are fiction.  Anna then went to live in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada  in 1867 to 1897 & involved in woman issues national council for woman – social programs & cultural institutions, fought for woman’s rights & started “Victoria school Arts” which became Nova Scotia Collage Arts & Design – a collage that still stands.   1886 Anne went to live w her daughter Avis (who had married Thomas Fyshe- Canadian banker) in Montreal Canada where she died in Jan 1915 at 85 years of age, buried in “Royal Mount in Montreal”

~~~~~~~~~~ Anna story & 2 books ~~~~~~~~~~

“The English governess of Siam” in 1980 & “The romance of the Harem” in 1872 seemed to fall into disrepair till Dr W Bristowe researched, revived Anna’s books w his research of Anna & wrote a book on her story.

Anne’s books were accepted in west but strongly disputed by Thailand, suggesting Anna’s story were fiction as Anna claimed things other writers did not (Anna was only one in Palace) & appeared impossible, like king Mongkut put wives who fell out of favor in underground dungeons below the palace in Bangkok, but the soil in Siam is so wet one could not build underground dungeons there, maybe under the palace but not underground (unless he had them buried there)  Also Anna hid her past life w changed to what Anna wanted. Many challenged the part about Tuptim (although letters found re their ending it) also use of word “Governess” instead of teacher, play on word – governor means to govern/control like parent should – when parents want another to teach is teacher. Some governors were to teach & some teachers were to govern, educator/governess &  were were at time high-brow words for teacher, let us not be picky, in the last film they used the word teacher.

The main issue is the Thai people do not want their history, there king to look idiotic when he was a great man & ruler & did lots for his country, lets acknowledge that. Mongkut was known as the king who scientific influenced & modernized Siam. How would we like it if Siam’s people belittled Churchill or Washington?

The other concern is the truth of Anna story,  non of us were there & people do see things from their own vision/view, from how they saw it.  Lets us call it “Anna story“.

Later king Mongkut son – Prince Cam Rong suggested in 1930 – that Anna misrepresented  the fact to sell books or stay in with her American Christian friends.     Margot Landon, while in Siam, combined Anna’s biography into one book “Novel on Leonowens memoirs” 1943.   Ann’s story about Anna Leonowens & Mongkut the king of Siam was born. You can not be sued by dead people & both Mongkut & Anna are dead. Many stories are changed by peoples interpretations as seen in the bible, so lets accept this as Anna’s story, which may not be 100% true & make the Mongkut times as true to life as possible.


1946 Rex Harrison performed in the movie

1952 Gertrude Lawrence & Yul Bryner – 1946 performances took Tony awards

1953 in London

1956 “king & I” was made into a musical film w Y Brynner & Debra Kerr w her  sing voice  Marni Nixon by Rodger & Hammestein, which took liberties w plot, which insulted the Thai people, as they felt their king Mongkut was made to appear as an idiot, although he was very well educated & intelligent & did a lot for Siam in their history.

1972 USA TV series of Anna

1977 to 85 play 4000 shows w yul Brenner

1996  Broadway w Lou Dramond Phillip as Mongkut & Donna Murphy as Anna.

1999 Anna & King cartoon version – animated musical disgusted many,  New story Tuptim given as slave to Mongkut by king of Burma, she made a ballet of Uncle Tom cabin, so show English her anti-slave massage, to escape, caught & he was killed, but Mongkut was to beat Tuptim & Anna stopped him which killed him.

1999 Jody Fostert & Chow Yun Fat – tried to bring Anna true writing w beauty & truth of time in Siam, althoug impossible to film, they could not have slaves walking on all 4 – as in that time, but tried to make it as real as possible, so worked w Thailand king, but Thailand government would not accept this, so would not even allow them to film in Thailand, so they went to  HOT Malaya.  A story about a Buddhism king of Siam & English Christian teacher in a Muslim Malaya country, many religions & languages – many things went wrong, till they had the Spirit leader Boma – Malaya Muslim religious leader, bless every stage/set before filming.  actors had to learn Siamese & English.

I can see the Thai/Siamese point, but I love the music & story, even if inaccurate, should have a disclaiment on it “challenged story of Anna Leonowens & king Mongkut of Siam” or Anna’s story about her & king Mongkut & Siam. let it be accurate about life there & then & respect King Mongkut integrity.  Anna & the King (Jodie Foster & Chow Yun-fat) was produced 1999 was more accurate of Anna Leonowens writtings & Siam of that time – as accurate as film can portray.  This film was made w the Thailand royal family input, consent & acceptance, but still blacklisted by the Thai government, but I believe these films sell well on the black market.   Some Thai university children picked up these films to take home & research for truth, they were allowed by Thai government, I congratulate these children & government & look forward to their finding.  I truly enjoyed & recommend watching this film w open eyes & unbiased mind.  Jodie Foster/Chow Yun Fat version Anna & King Mongkut – Roma IV story as it offers so much – especially when watched in its entirety w its bonus feature & deleted scenes & special effects.

One can learn so much about life – difference yet acceptance of each other & religions like Buddha attitudes like rebirth learning, while Christian beliefs of life &  dictatorship/controls to prevent loss of congregation, so change beliefs – filmed in Muslim country w its religious beliefs & people – also Malaya customs & heat, also lots of languages – the children involved in the film, through to life in Anna/ Mongkut times, w all the animals & customs. A story of accepting people w their differences & similarities & how this can benefit the world.   I feel special pride should be taken as many had to learn to speak Siamese & English & deal w all the many hurdles of making a film of such enormous scope, also in such a hot place & how film making is done.

I have a few questions, what happens to Mongkut brothers/sisters & children & wives & concubines (he married concubines that produced male babies – he had sex every day at 11 am w one) & harem on the kings death; what happened to Mongkut’s first wife & 2 children, before Mongkut joined the monks & before he became a king? Why was Mongkut not sterilized as monks are. He certainly was not to have that many children!

WHERE WAS ANNA LOUIS OWEN BURIED? read my blog to find out

~~~ FOOD FOR THOUGHT statement made in films ~~~

* If love is a choice, why would anyone choose such exquisite pain?

* How can you stab a heartless person through the heart?

* Denigh air to my lungs.

* I condemn you foul thoughts & cruel heart.

* speak the truth, not

* Open mouth to cause trouble or correct?

* Buddha life is suffering – chance to grew

* The way in which people may understand new possibilities is process of new revelation  – everything has its own time. even if wanted it to be different

  • How small parts  of our life is taken up by beautiful moments every chance you get – cast a light in the future & make the person who gave it, unforgettable, shine a light on everything, make a difference.

* Be the most you can, make the most of yourself while you can – times goes past us so fast, catch it before it passes by.

  • “this or that” answer yes,
  • Make the most over before they start, make most of every moment & make happy memories

* Siam can not plough new fields over night

* Perhaps you should just say what you are trying so hard not to say

* No emotions at death – Reminding soul to go to heaven & not loose way, so not show emotions as her soul will want to show sadness to want to stay to comfort the living,

* There is nothing wrong on moving on

* Your path is as it should be, roads are for journeys, not destinations

* In war, innocent people die to cleans the country

“I thank Buddha for giving me direction, & true friends like you, I thank him. why say anything when I am unfairly treated, fear not, life is suffering,

*  Tuptim. He does not need me – I need … (Balat) wrote to her to bid her bye, as he had commited his life to monastery believing her gone forever, we he/I did nothing wrong, she disguised herself so he would not recognize her, I speak the truth, that is not the truth, I condemn you for your foul thoughts & cruel heart. sacrifice you life for truth, persecute no person – love – teaching of Buddha,       Intervene after touchier, if not now for change, then when, how many people must die first so you can save face. Go home, you have helped enough for one day    I will say no more as no more to say.

chance cea cow (white elephant)

Not soldiers of fortune, but soldiers of rignt, not might, love, not force/power, health & wealth, not finances

  • When a person who has much to say, her silence can be defining.
  • I wish to thank you for your courage    I thought I never wanted to see you again, I had a  vision of ….. I think by touching us all they have fulfilled their destiny & obtained   eternal peace.
  • Buddha Through birth & rebirth, we Buddha learn our mistakes.  not enough to just survive, life is precious, especially if you are Christian so only allowed to have one.
  • Don’t let them see your fear   (chakri Dynasty).  Let him live w his humiliation
  • Harder life higher school grades
  • I treasure its memory.   enjoy all about life

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